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25th April 2022
Blog: World Immunisation Week

WHO’s World Immunisation Week is celebrated in the last week of April each year and aims to highlight the collective action needed and to promote the use of vaccines to protect people of all ages against disease.

The theme for 2022 – Long Life for All – aims to unify people around the idea that vaccines make it possible for us to follow our dreams, protect our loved ones and live a long, healthy life.

The Bloomsbury SET have provided over £1 million of funding across a number of projects working with both human and animal vaccines, including:

Multi-disciplinary research for the strategic and translational development of late-stage tuberculosis vaccine candidates” by Professor Richard White (LSHTM), Dr Rebecca Harris (LSHTM), Dr Miqdad Asaria (LSE) and Professor Janet Seeley (LSHTM). This multi-disciplinary research project uses social science, mathematical modelling, epidemiology and health economic methods to estimate the expected future impact of these vaccines in South Africa, India and China based upon  recent trial results.


Development of a poultry vaccine platform based on transgenic coccidia parasites and evaluation of immunoprotection against necrotic enteritis” by Dr Virginia Marugan-Hernandez (RVC), Dr Francisco Olmo (LSHTM), Prof Damer Blake (RVC), Prof Fiona Tomley (RVC) which proposed development of a flexible and novel vaccine platform for chickens based on the use of coccidian parasites as vectors. Using genetic engineering to produce parasites that express immunoprotective antigens from other avian pathogens, these novel vectors would be able to induce immunity against multiple infectious diseases using mass oral administration.

The consortium is proud to support work in this vital area.