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This element of the programme creates new commercial partnerships designed to bring new UK-manufactured products, services and therapeutics through to market.

Each new partnership will enable collaborative funding applications to be prepared (e.g. submitted to Innovate UK competitions), or licensing deals to be arranged, depending on market readiness. It will create a ‘virtuous circle’ as our commercial partners work with the HEIs on a particularly promising product, whilst also benefitting from having early sight of the consortium’s wider intellectual property / products pipeline.

We trust that this will create leverage in terms of industry spend on R&D (as desired by Government as part of its ambition to increase the percentage of GDP spent on R&D), i.e. lead our commercial partners down a route of investing further in The Bloomsbury SET’s innovative solutions to combat infectious disease, and/or work with consortium members to develop new household, consumer or sanitation products with antimicrobial properties.