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The purpose of this scheme is to provide support to enable successful applicants to work with a Partner based in an appropriate company/industry to move their research towards use or commercialisation.

Translational funding is available for projects up to a maximum of £85,000, that must be completed no later than 1 June 2022. This funding is for Directly Incurred (DI) Costs, and additional 20% of your budget can be requested as a contribution towards DA/Indirect Costs.


Eligibility: To be eligible for funding you must:

The funding must be used to progress translational R & D at one of the member institutions listed above through one or more Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) towards commercialisation (see guidance notes).

Applications must involve a Commercial Partner, and during the Project must develop a robust commercialisation plan.

Applicants must discuss their proposal with their local administrator at an early stage to ensure they are supported in applying for this call.

Potential applicants must submit an expression of interest for this scheme to their College contact below no later than 14 July 2021.

Deadline for submission is: Noon (BST) 31 August 2021. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Local research office contacts are: