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Antimicrobial eye drops with extended duration of effect and efficicacy
Investigator(s): Prof Liam Good (RVC / Tecrea Ltd), Dr Winnie Ntowboahene (RVC), Chiara Febrarro (Tecrea Ltd), David Cook (Tecrea Ltd), John Ridden (Tecrea Ltd)
Amount Awarded: £99,939

Infections in the eye are a global problem and involve a range of challenging pathogens. The eye is a very sensitive part of the body, which naturally limits treatment options. Also, the rise of antimicrobial resistance traits in pathogens presents a further treatment challenge. This project aims to develop non-antibiotic strategies to improve eyedrop formulations. In particular, the eye drops will be designed to overcome resistance traits and prolong drug residency time on the eye surface. This should ultimately improve cure rates during treatment and the formulations will be more convenient to us, because each application will have a longer lasting effect. The novel formulations will be developed using nanotechnology developed at RVC and the formulations will be evaluated using ex vivo infection models.


Prof Liam Good, Professor of Microbiology and Biotechnology (RVC) and Chief Scientific Officer (Tecrea Ltd)
Winnie Ntowboahene, PhD student (RVC)
Chiara Febrarro, Research Scientist (Tecrea Ltd)
David Cook, Consultant (Tecrea Ltd)
John Ridden, CEO (Tecrea Ltd)