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Big data analysis to identify innovative solutions for combating respiratory disease and reducing antimicrobial use in beef cattle
Investigator(s): Prof Luca Guardabassi (RVC), Dr Richard Stabler (LSHTM), Dr Muna Anjum (APHA) and Prof Debby Bogaert (University of Edinburgh
Amount Awarded: £32,000

Objective: to investigate whether calves that get pneumonia have a different lung microbiome before the disease event, and how this information can be used for early disease detection and prevention. Specifically:

  • Identify lung microbiome profiles associated with increased growth performance and reduced occurrence of bovine respiratory disease (BRD) that can be used as diagnostic markers for early detection of BRD and/or animals predisposed to BRD.
  • ¬†Exploit this new knowledge to develop alternatives to antibiotics for BRD prevention based on modulation of the respiratory microbiota or selection of BRD-resistant cattle lineages.