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Contextualising antimicrobial resistance perspectives in Sri Lanka and European Union
Investigator(s): Dr Risa Morimoto (SOAS), Prof Ayona Silva-Fletcher (RVC), Dr Simon Rofe (SOAS), Prof Martin Bauer (LSE)
Amount Awarded: £29,434.20

The project works with stakeholders to improve survey design and analyse existing data sets to better understand social factors that contribute to the spread of disease and/or AMR, and inform decision support tools. The team aims to build on existing Bloomsbury SET project (BSA 18) and previous research that explores local contexts and cultural perspectives with an aim to investigate how they relate to community understanding of AMR. To achieve this aim they will evidence how culturally-informed community engagement initiatives can create trust from local communities, which could lead to an increased uptake of AMR related interventions and potentially better health outcomes.