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Development of an inactivated oral yeast vaccine against poultry Eimeria
Investigator(s): Prof Damer Blake (RVC), Prof Fiona Tomley (RVC), Prof Dirk Werling (RVC), Dr Francesca Soutter (RVC), Dr Matthew Nolan (Cambridge University), Dr Tatiana Küster (Universität Bern)
Amount Awarded: £91,479

Eimeria are parasites that can cause a serious disease known as coccidiosis in farmed animals, most notably chickens. Control of coccidiosis commonly relies on routine application of drugs, but public demand for alternatives is now driving development of novel vaccines. In recent studies a new yeast-based vaccine delivery system has been developed for use with chickens. Here, researchers will continue validation of yeast-based vaccines to control coccidiosis by the testing efficacy a prototype vaccine against high-level challenge by parasites from different parts of the world in a range of different chicken breeds.


Prof Damer Blake, Professor of Parasite Genetics (RVC)
Prof Fiona Tomley, Professor of Experimental Parasitologia (RVC)
Prof Dirk Werling, Professor of Molecular Immunology (RVC)
Dr Francesca Soutter, Postdoctoral scientist in Vaccine Development (RVC)
Dr Matthew Nolan (Cambridge University)
Dr Tatiana Küster, Postdoctoral scientist (Universität Bern)