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Tackling antimicrobial resistance in rivers: A design-based policy approach
Investigator(s): Prof Claire Heffernan (LSHTM), Dr Naomi Bull (Veterinary Medicine Directorate), Dr Alberto Asquer (SOAS), Dr Lucy Brunton (RVC), Dr Mehroosh Tak (RVC), Prof Claire Heffernan (LSHTM)
Amount Awarded: £23,934.00

The project employs an approach from the design literature to explore how to make participation in co-designing public policies more effective, focused, and innovative. The approach includes training stakeholders in design thinking and engaging them in discussions over future scenarios generated through a combination of system dynamics and agent-based modelling. Approaching policy design through this lens will result in involvement of stakeholders in problem-framing, generation and discussion of options and identification of trade-offs and preferences, enabling elucidation of possible barriers.