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Visual arts for Localised Evidence and Decision-making (LEAD)
Investigator(s): Dr Polly Savage (SOAS), Prof Tim Allen (LSE), Cristin Fergus (LSE), Kara Blackmore (LSE), Dr Benjamin Dix (SOAS), Prof Melissa Parker (LSHTM)
Amount Awarded: £47,235.60

The project brings together researchers across disciplines from SOAS and LSE with the aim of commissioning and producing visual media in response to the LEAD project’s research findings on schistosomiasis and soil transmitted helminth programs in Uganda and Malawi. This collaboration seeks to enhance knowledge exchange and impact through the creation of visual materials which communicate the LEAD project’s (BSA 04) research in accessible and meaningful ways. Outputs include publicly accessible artworks and visual resources to circulate amongst scholars, and health workers within the countries of research.