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21st June 2019
AMR – what solutions does the future hold?

Common links between the UK and the Netherlands were clear when Mark Smith from The Bloomsbury SET ventured over to the Dutch capital for a stimulating meeting on “Advancing Data Technologies to corner Anti Microbial Resistance” in early June. Hosted by Dr Maarten van Dongen of AMR Insights at the glorious Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam, there was a fascinating mix of speakers representing many agendas.

Probably the most challenging message was presented by a Dutchman, Dr Tjeerd van Staa, on his work in the UK’s National Health Service at the University of Manchester. Tjeerd used big data approaches to pinpoint how/when/why antibiotics are being (ab)used in healthcare, and the BRIT Study phase 2 enables healthcare practices across Greater Manchester and Wirral to understand and compare their prescribing. He asked “Is it time for a paradigm shift in how we prescribe?”.

Reinforcing the UK-Dutch connection, Dr John Hays of Erasmus MC Rotterdam stimulated the meeting with all sorts of possible future technological solutions. eg point of care diseases detection devices, patient monitoring devices, and drug sensors or packaging inserts to ensure we get great efficacy from the antibiotics we do prescribe. Many other angles from a truly international, intense meeting rounded off by a Panel Discussion.

Looking forward to the next meeting on 20 November: “Emerging Antimicrobials and Diagnostics in AMR 2019“.