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6th September 2019
Taking the message out – ‘breeding and budding the best’

One of our goals at The Bloomsbury SET is to connect places, people, businesses, ideas and infrastructures in pursuit of innovative scientific / technical solutions (tools, vaccines, models) that will help safeguard human health. We are confident this will lead to major human health benefits, as well as improvements in animal health, welfare and productivity, improved biosecurity and food safety.

We are achieving this by  establishing an innovation platform that connects the capabilities of four Colleges of the University of London, in the field of healthcare and medicines. We want that platform to endure and prove the value of the Connecting Capability Fund’s investment, so we’ve been promoting novel ideas in Knowledge Exchange around London and the UK. High on the list was reaching out to other UK institutions through the Association of Research Managers and Administrators, a go-ahead organisation that has made huge strides in developing and professionalising the role of research management, which underpins excellent Knowledge Exchange in universities.

So, off we went to the annual ARMA Conference, bigger every year, held in Belfast in June. Joining a large group of staff from the Royal Veterinary College, our poster aroused some interest, so thank you to everyone who stopped to read, chat and question. ARMA offers excellent networking across the whole range of research and KE, an excellent way to spread good practice, and is also great fun.

Our logo means different things to different people – many see petals of a flower, others a four leafed clover, others drops of water, and so on. Some, in fact, say the ARMA logo looks like a bit of ours, though they certainly came up with theirs first! I’m in the first camp, to me they are four petals of a rather colourful flower, so Ray Kent and I took the theme of nurturing flowers for the poster – “Breeding and Budding the Best: The programme aims to ‘breed’ the most promising research ideas and ‘bud’ them by attracting investment to help fund their next steps”. After outlining our work across the four Colleges so far, we made a statement, in fact a promise, “the prospect of a step change in the Knowledge Exchange offer from these Colleges, through their combined strength and expertise.” That step change is happening, watch this space!