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The Bloomsbury SET series of events:

Throughout the programme, we organised a series of events to establish and consolidate new connections, creating opportunities for our academics and relevant stakeholders to foster collaboration and expand networks. 

The four Symposia aims to showcases the Knowledge Exchange projects supported by The Bloomsbury SET. 

Diagnostics Symposium, held on 10 December 2019, London

– Public Health Responses Symposium, held on 5 March 2020, London

Vaccines Symposium, held on 14 January 2021, online

‘Big Data’ Symposium, event on 22 April 2021, online


Our first Conference happened during the week of 22nd to 26th of February 2021. The event aimed to bring the Bloomsbury SET community together with relevant stakeholders to explore interdisciplinary innovation, research translation, commercialisation, impact and connecting capabilities to tackle global health challenges through knowledge exchange.