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The Vaccines Symposium

The third event in the Symposia series showcased the vaccine projects supported by the Bloomsbury SET programme.

The event was chaired by Professor Dirk Werling, RVC with the following programme:

Introduction to the Bloomsbury SET by Dr Ray Kent, RVC

Vaccine research to commercialisation: the funder’s perspective by Dr Phil Packer, Innovate UK

Development of low-cost glycoconjugate vaccines for pigs by Professor Brendan Wren, LSHTM

Development of a poultry vaccine platform based on transgenic coccidia parasites and evaluation of immunoprotection against necrotic enteritis by Dr Virginia Marugan-Hernandez, RVC

Multidisciplinary research for the strategic and translational development of late-stage tuberculosis  vaccine candidates by Professor Richard White, LSHTM and Puck Pelzer, KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation.