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Knowledge exchange through a Bedouin lens: a photovoice exploration of camel owner perceptions of zoonotic disease risk

Dr Jackie Cardwell (RVC), Dr Mehroosh Tak (RVC), Peter Holloway (RVC), Dr Kerry Ann Brown (LSHTM) - £23,952.00
01 September 2020 to 30 April 2021 (Social Science BSA50)

This project is a pre-study for the MRC-funded project on MERS-CoV seroprevalence in Bedouin camel populations led by RVC with collaboration from LSHTM and Yarmouk University to start in January 2021. This knowledge exchange work would be an opportunity to gain valuable additional insights into Bedouin relationships with their camels without adding lengthy interactions between researchers and participants. The project uses Photovoice and invites participants to become active co-researchers, collecting data from their own perspectives to demonstrate community knowledge and practices, through photography and subsequent collaborative discussions.